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WordPower provides fast communication for people with some literacy skills. There are 4 introductory stages, beginning with a simple version of WordPower.

 WordPower home grid

Key Features

  • Size: 97 grids, 96 cells per grid, 1492 unique words
  • Symbol communication: Widgit Symbols or PCS
  • Text communication: Word and phrase prediction, ‘sounds like’
  • Features: Word processor, Internet browser, SMS, Email, Skype and Music player

    More cells with more features and additional vocabulary are introduced at each stage. WordPower is available with or without a keyboard on the start grid and is supplied with a guide that describes each stage as you go. It also includes information on adjusting the user settings, and using the special feature grids.

    WordPower Level B
  • The original WordPower concept was developed by Nancy Inman, and the Grid 2 version was created by Gillian Hazell and Andrea Kirton.


    Download your demonstration copy of the grid set from Online Grids.  You must have The Grid 2 installed to use the grid set.  Contact your local dealer for a demonstration copy of The Grid 2.

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