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If you are looking for alternative voices to the ones included with our software, there are other options.  Try the websites below - most of them allow you to listen to a short sample, or download a free trial.

Remember that Grid Mobile is restricted to Acapela and DECTalk voices, as these run on Windows CE and Windows Mobile devices.

  • Acapela speech is included with our software.  A list of available voices is available on their website.
  • The Orpheus speech engine has an expanding range of languages that may be purchased online.
  • Cepstral allow you to listen to samples online.
  • Cereproc have a range of UK regional accents.
  • For alternative Spanish voices, visit the Verbio website.
  • Nextup supply a range of Realspeak voices.  You will need to purchase and install textAloud before they will work.
  • eSpeak do a range of voices, but some are better than others in terms of quality.
  • Ivona have a range of Welsh, British, American, Polish and Romanian voices.
  • CrimsonWing provide Maltese voices.
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