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Talk Together

Talk Together is a unique new way for a child and communication partner to work together.

Talk Together 

From the very beginning, this innovative vocabulary package encourages your involvement in modelling and supporting a developing vocabulary – all within a highly intuitive set of pages that enables children say what they want. A wealth of on-screen support and ideas are available at the touch of a button at every stage, so there’s no need to constantly refer to the manual!  The multilevel page sets place the emphasis on play, activities and having fun - with a stable core vocabulary to use at all five stages!

It takes two to talk!

What’s different about Talk Together is that it’s designed to complement existing low-tech communication strategies and actively encourages the involvement of a communication partner.

The benefits

Integrated with a stage-by-stage guide that helps you develop a child-centred vocabulary, including how to introduce it, how to help your child learn, and how to support their developing skills.

Emphasis on play, activities, and having fun

Multilevel page sets with a comprehensive prestored vocabulary and plenty of space for personalisation.

Talk Together 

  • Easy access to a stable core vocabulary from every topic page. The core vocabulary has been chosen to enable the child to achieve at speaking and listening P-Levels through to Level 1.
  • Gives the child real ownership of the system and its content
  • Switch and keyguard-friendly page design.

Early literacy skills are encouraged and supported with phonic alphabets, storytelling and story reading pages.

Who is it for?

Talk Together is ideal for children who need to use symbols to communicate.

Talk Together 

  • Supports the vocabulary development of children who have just begun to use a communication aid, through to more complex symbol use.
  • Children using a wide range of access methods, from touchscreens to switches
  • Access to core words, describing words and action words from every page, plus ‘My Help’ at Stages 4 & 5
  • The core vocabulary is on the left of the page, and the topic vocabulary is on the right.
  • The yellow ‘Tips’ buttons give page-specific guidance to let you get the most from the vocabulary.

NOTE: Talk Together is currently only available with PCS symbols, which must be purchased as an add-on.


Download your free demonstration copy from Online Grids. You must have The Grid 2 installed to use the grid set.  Contact your local dealer for a demonstration copy of The Grid 2.

Ace Centre

Talk Together was developed by the Ace Centre.
This version for The Grid 2 was created by Sensory Software.

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