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Star Talker 2

Star Talker 2 provides effective text communication for people unable to use a keyboard.

Star talker

Quick talking

Start typing in Star Talker 2, and predicted words are displayed on the left.  Once you have written your sentence, just hit speak to read it aloud (or you can get Star Talker 2 to speak automatically when you finish a sentence).  The prediction learns as you write, so the words you use often will appear at the top of the list.  There is also next-word prediction to suggest words that might follow on from what you have written.

Save common messages

At the heart of Star Talker 2 are the "chat messages", a list of messages saved for quick retrieval.  If you have written a message that will be useful later, just hit "add" to add it to your message list.  When it comes to finding it later, simply start typing one of the words in the message.  Any messages that include the word you write are displayed - helping you to find them very quickly.

Star Talker 2 includes 8 message lists, of varying topics (such as "personal" or "shopping") if you want to organise your messages.

Always in touch

Star Talker 2 also includes grids for sending and receiving SMS or email messages, and grids for calling and messaging via Skype.  Whether you are out-and-about, or stuck at home - Star Talker 2 keeps you in touch with your friends and family.

Do more with your communication system

Star Talker 2 also includes web browser, calculator, music player, word processor, allowing you to do much more than 'just' communicate!

Star Talker 2 is included free with The Grid 2, and can be downloaded from Online Grids.

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