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Seashell Speak and Sign

Seashell Speak and Sign is a BSL vocabulary which uses videos  of sign language alongside speech.  It allows the user to access over 1000 signs. 

Seashell Speak and Sign

Seashell was designed for a group of deaf teenagers who have cerebral palsy and learning disabilities.  Seashell could also be used by non-signing people to communicate in basic sign language or to learn signs.

Key features of Seashell:

  • symbol based
  • provides choice of whether to ‘speak message’ or ‘sign message’
  • modern young adult vocabulary
  • supports functional key word communication, not English grammar
  • large vocabulary (over 1000 words)
  • consistent, simple layout and navigation
  • reflects some features of BSL (British Sign Language)
  • blank cells for easy insertion of new vocabulary and new pages
  • full screen signing videos

Seashell was developed by Jackie Barker MA BSc.  Jackie is a Speech and Language Therapist working for Royal School for the Deaf and
Communication Disorders in Manchester. RSDCD provides residential education for people with sensory impairment and complex learning disabilities.

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