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Key Series

Key 48 is a new vocabulary for young adults with basic literacy skills and moderate access difficulties.

Key 48

Key 48 supports a range of users including those who prefer direct access.

Word prediction in the eye line is the most useful place for many people. Switch users are also supported by the arrangement of the letter board with vowels on the first column.

For those who would prefer it there is a very large picture supported vocabulary arranged topically rather than grammatically. The scroll feature that is unique to Grid  2 means that words within a topic are not confined to the 48 cells on a page and can be added to by the user to suit their individual needs.

Finally, there is a comprehensive set of subject pages that are arranged to serve the mainstream or special school curriculum. These pages also contain vocabulary that can be useful generally. For example, every major country and all UK counties and cities and English Towns are already available on the geography pages.

Key 6

Key 6 has been developed for the teenager/young adult who has at least some basic literacy skills but significant difficulty with access.

Key 6

The layout suits those who:

  • can use a fist point to accurately select out of six options
  • can be accurate with linear scan using one or two switches
  • can select out of six options using the MyTobii eye gaze

Key 6 and Key 48 were developed by Marion Stanton.  Marion is a special needs teacher and AAC consultant. She works for Communication and Learning Enterprises (CANDLE) who specialise in curriculum and communication. They are based in Yorkshire but provide advice to families, schools, colleges and education authorities across the UK.


You can download a range of the Key series from our Online Grids website.  Search for Key 6, Key 8, Key 12, Key 24 and Key 48. You must have The Grid 2 installed to use the grid set.  Contact your local dealer for a demonstration copy of The Grid 2.

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