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The Ingfield Dynamic Vocabularies (IDV) are a collection of 4 grid sets.


IDV is a topic-based system that place all the necessary elements of a sentence on one page.  This makes IDV a quick and easy way to create complete sentences.

IDV is organised in 4 levels, from A to D.  As you go up through the levels, the number of cells on each page increases, allowing more vocabulary to be included on each page.  Higher levels also include more topics and sub-topics.  The layout of the grids is designed to allow easy progression from one level to the next.

Grids can be customised or extended as much as required.


Download your free demo copy from Online Grids. You must have The Grid 2 installed to use the grid set.  Contact your local dealer for a demonstration copy of The Grid 2.

IDV was developed by Sally Connor and Janet Larcher.

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