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GridTalk has been designed for users with emerging literacy.  It requires the user to know the first letter of words that are not on the front page, and uses symbols to aid word finding.

Core vocabulary

Language studies have shown that we use the same few words (called our core vocabulary) in almost everything we say.  GridTalk has the core vocabulary on the front page for immediate access.


The core vocabulary on the front page is colour coded by type of word:

  • People - I, me, my, you, etc
  • Small words - a, and, at, etc
  • Verbs - am, are, be, etc
  • Common - yes, no, +s (plural)
  • Word groups

Selecting a word group, such as days, displays the word group in the cells at the bottom of the page.

Additional vocabulary

For finding the words that are not in our core vocabulary, GridTalk has additional vocabulary arranged alphabetically. 

Select a letter from the right-hand side of the front page to display a list of words starting with that letter.


Symbols are included to aid word finding.  These word lists provide access to the top 2,000 words that we use in everyday speech.

The word lists in The Grid 2 are easy to edit, so you can quickly add or remove words.

Verb morphology

Selecting a verb cell from the front page will display alternate forms of the verb to allow correct agreement within a sentence.

Keyboard with prediction

Selecting the keyboard cell leads to a keyboard with prediction.  Predicted words are displayed with symbols to aid word finding, and the "sounds like" button will allow users to find words they are not sure how to spell.

Special features

GridTalk also includes grids for email and sms messages, and browsing the internet.


GridTalk is free with The Grid 2, and you can download it from Online Grids. You must have The Grid 2 installed to use the grid set.  Contact your local dealer for a demonstration copy of The Grid 2.

For detailed help and information on this grid set, there is a manual available to purchase (or free to download). 

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