The Grid 2 AAC software

The Grid 2 is our ground breaking AAC software for alternative communication, computer access and environment control. It is used by disabled people across the world.

It is our flagship product and is designed to help people with disabilities do things that everyone else takes for granted.

The Grid 2


Symbol Communication

The Grid 2 AAC software supports all major symbol libraries enabling people without literacy to communicate.

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Text communication

Text communication in The Grid 2 is packed with features to make communication as quick and accurate as possible.

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Computer control

Talk to the world with The Grid 2, using our resources for Facebook, YouTube, email, SMS and much more. You can also take complete control of your computer.

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Alternative access

From eye gaze to switches, The Grid 2 has the most advanced alternative access options available.

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Languages and voices

The software includes high quality speech output in over 20 languages.

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Environment control

Use The Grid 2 to control your environment with infra red and radio

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Grid Sets

Grid sets are pre-made collections of grids for communication, computer access and environment control. We include a wide range of grid sets free with the software.

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