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CALLtalk was designed primarily for school children, but can also be used by adults, if adapted and personalized.


CALLtalk is more complex than a ‘beginner’ vocabulary and goes beyond basic functional communication. Users need to understand topic categorization and should be starting to put two or more words together. It is for direct touch screen users, keyguard users, and switch users.

CALLtalk users

  • Primary school pupils with reasonably good educational potential (mainstream and/or special settings) following 5-14 or National Curriculum or IEPs.
  • Relatively cognitively and language-able children aspiring to acquire at least some degree of literacy – ie. for whom ‘talking’ and writing in sentences could be a realistic long term target.
  • Users frustrated by limited vocabs.

Key Features of CALLtalk

  • Huge vocabulary (c. 3,000 words & phrases) but only 30/35 symbols per page
  • Very consistent layout
  • Sentence Starters
  • Grammatical elements available from every page
  • Word prediction built-in
  • Self-closing popups, for speed
  • ‘All on one page’ worksheet type pages for use in classroom activities.

Education use

In addition to the comprehesive communication grids, there is a ‘School Stuff’ section organised into curriculum areas, with worksheets for classroom activities.  


Download a free demo version of CALLtalk from Online Grids. You must have The Grid 2 installed to use the grid set.  Contact your local dealer for a demonstration copy of The Grid 2.

CALLtalk was developed by Janet Larcher and Sally Millar.

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