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The 'Backbox' provides a simple and cost-effective way to add the specialized accessories needed for communication systems in a single box.


The Backbox can be used with most types of computer.  It is primarily intended for use with a portable computer such as a laptop of tablet computer.

The Backbox can include:

  • Amplified speakers for clear reproduction of computer speech
  • Inputs for connecting switches
  • Radio links for wireless switch connection
  • Infra-red environment control unit

The Backbox is connected via USB to your computer, so there is no need to charge the Backbox.

There are two sizes available - the USB Backbox is smaller, and more suitable for handheld devices.  The Big Backbox is intended for use in mounted systems.  The Big BackBox has a louder maximum volume than the smaller model.

Amplify your speech

To use the Backbox as an amplifier, simply plug it into the headphone socket of your communicator.  If you have a particularly small device and you only need amplification, the Mini Amplifier would be a neat solution.

Switch input

You can connect one or two switches to a USB Backbox.  For direct connection, there are two standard (3.5mm) switch ports on the backbox.  You can also add the Radio Switch option, which includes two small transmitters to put with your switches.  This is ideal for switches that are mounted on a wheelchair, for example.

Environment control

The USB Backbox includes a GEWA infra red environment control.  This enables your computer to control electronic devices in your home (such as TV, DVD or music systems).

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