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Talkative is a communication system for people who rely on symbols to identify words.  Users can browse to the word they want through semantically structured grids.  Talkative has a large communication vocabulary, and is available in versions with and without adult vocabulary.

Core vocabulary

Language studies have shown that we use the same few words (called our core vocabulary) in almost everything we say.  Talkative has the core vocabulary on the front page for immediate access, and links to pop-up grids containing extended vocabulary.

Talkative Start Grid

The core vocabulary on the front page is colour coded by type of word:

  • Pronouns (and a link to people words) – pink
  • Small words (and links to keyboard) – blue
  • Verbs (and a link to more verbs) – green
  • Links to pop-up topic grids – yellow 

Additional vocabulary

For finding the words that are not in our core vocabulary, Talkative has additional vocabulary organised by topic.
Selecting a topic from one of the topic links on the Start page takes you to further grids containing extended vocabulary.  For instance, selecting ‘Food’ takes you to tabbed grids for talking about food.  Along the bottom some vocab cells (in blue) contain sentence starters or short phrases, and in the bottom right hand corner jumps to related grids which might also contain the word you want.  Words are accompanied by symbols to aid recognition.

Talkative Food Grid

Verb morphology

Selecting a verb cell from the front page will display alternate forms of the verb to allow correct agreement within a sentence.

Special features

Talkative also includes grids for email and SMS messages, Skype instant messaging, browsing the internet, playing music and working with Environment Control systems.

Keyboard with prediction

Selecting the keyboard cell leads to a keyboard with prediction.  Predicted words are displayed with symbols to aid word finding, and the "sounds like" button will allow users to find words they are not sure how to spell.


Talkative is free with The Grid 2, and you can download the grid set from Online Grids.  You must have The Grid 2 installed to use the grid set.  Contact your local dealer for a demonstration copy of The Grid 2.

For detailed help and information on this grid set, there is a manual available to purchase (or free to download).

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