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The SmartNAV is a hands-free, head operated mouse.

Smartnav pro

The SmartNAV replaces your conventional mouse and lets you take control by moving your head.  Originally designed for advanced game control, the SmartNAV head mouse enables users to access Windows, Office programs, and much more; all completely hands free. 

The SmartNAV device consists of a sophisticated infra-red camera that you place above your screen.  This follows a small reflective dot so that you can move the mouse pointer by moving your head.  The pointer movement can be adjusted for speed and sensitivity.  To operate the SmartNAV, simply place one of the small reflective dots on your forehead or glasses and sit in front of the screen.  A stylish baseball cap is also available, incorporating a reflective dot on the peak and rear.


There are several options available when considering a SmartNAV. Continue reading to find out about the different versions of the SmartNAV, and why we strongly recommend the SmartNAV PRO as an input device.


This is the basic ergonomic version. It allows you to move the mouse, and to plug in switches to use as mouse buttons. It comes with no other software, but can be used with the free Dwell Clicker from Sensory Software and the free On Screen Keyboard that comes with Windows.


This is the same as the EG version, but is bundled with NaturalPoint’s own on screen keyboard and dwell clicker. As these programs do no more than the free software, there is no reason to buy this model.


This is bundled with a stronger mounting bracket than standard and Grid Keys from Sensory Software, which offers the most effective possible input with the SmartNAV.

Grid Keys has many advantages over the free on screen keyboard for people using a head mouse.

  • Built-in dwell clicking: The keys of the on-screen keyboard are selected directly, allowing a larger movement of the head when selecting. On the rest of the screen outside the on screen keyboard, Grid Keys provides a normal dwell click function.
  • Mouse actions: The inbuilt dwell clicking with Grid Keys allows left, right and double clicks and dragging.
  • Cell Magnification: The keys can be magnified as the pointer moves across them for even easier access.
  • Special commands: Many tasks that are normally difficult to do with a dwell click (for example, dragging, moving and resizing windows, navigating menus) can be carried out with a single selection using the advanced built in commands in Grid Keys.

The SmartNAV Pro package also includes a sturdy mount that is easy to fit to a laptop, monitor or wheelchair mounted communication aid.

Other Options

You can also access The Grid 2 and other input software with the SmartNAV. It can be a more affordable alternative to our eye gaze systems and we always consider the SmartNAV when assessing our customers' needs.

The PowerBox 7 has a mounting system available to fit the SmartNAV on top of the device

Two week trial

For UK customers, Smartbox offer the SmartNAV on a money-back two week trial. For most people, using the SmartNAV is simple and intuitive, but occasionally someone finds it hard to use.  We want to be sure that it works for you, so you can send it back after two weeks if it does not suit you.

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