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The PowerBox is our wheelchair mounted tablet PC.

PowerBox 7

Our latest model is the PowerBox 7 which integrates the latest touch screen tablet computers running Windows 7 with our "back box".  Like its predecessors, the PowerBox 7 is fitted to the back of a tablet computer, providing the following: 

  • wheelchair mounting (can also be attached to a desk stand or wall mount) - choice of Daessy, Rehadapt or VESA system
  • extra battery life - up to nine hours
  • amplified loud speakers
  • infra-red and/or radio environment control
  • wired switch inputs
  • radio switch inputs

The computer is protected by a silicone cover, available in black, red, yellow or blue:

Red    Yellow    Black    Blue

These can easily be removed to access the connectors on the computer itself, but this is rarely needed as additional connections are provided on the back of the PowerBox.

Powerbox 7

Communication and Input

The PowerBox 7 runs the award-winning software The Grid 2, providing communication whether you are a symbol or text user.  Access options include touch-screen and switches.  Eye gaze systems can also be mounted to the PowerBox, including the Alea, LC and TM4 systems.

PowerBox models 

The exact specification of the PowerBox changes as we adapt to provide the latest tablet computers.  If you are not sure which model you currently have, you can compare them here on our UK dealer website.

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