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Beeline is a symbol-based, single word vocabulary designed for users with relatively good language skills.

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Beeline offers a large, single word or short common phrase vocabulary with a view to generating novel sentences. The majority of the high frequency core vocabulary is accessed by one or two selections with a maximum of three selections for the majority of words. Beeline follows a rigid structure that makes it relatively easy to locate and add new words.

The consistent layout is designed to help the user generate sentences through motor planning. Theories of motor planning and automaticity have been applied to the creation of Beeline.

Key features

  • Designed for symbol users ready to make their own sentences word by word
  • Core words on top page with access to topic pages
  • Majority of the large vocabulary accessed from just 1-3 selections
  • Special features such as email, internet and media player
  • Easy for parents, teachers and SLT‟s to add content within existing structure
  • Lesson plans that fit within the curriculum 6
  • Includes verb morphology, word completion and next word prediction
    Topic page
    Beeline was created by Gillian Rumble of VOCAtion, and Sensory Software International Ltd.
    You must have The Grid 2 installed to use this grid set. Contact us for a demonstration copy of The Grid 2.

    Downloads and Manuals

    Download Beeline

    Download Beeline manual as PDF (free) or Order a printed manual


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