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Now it is even easier to switch to The Grid 2!

We're really excited to announce "The Grid 2 Importer". This new tool allows you to import grids that you have made in other software and open them in The Grid 2.

You can import grids from:

  • Clicker 4
  • Clicker 5
  • Boardmaker (Speaking Dynamically Pro)
  • Dynavox 3
  • Dynavox 4

Once these grids have been converted to The Grid 2, you can open them, edit them, tweak them, combine them with other grids - whatever you like really!

More information 

For more information, please look these help articles on Sensory Answers:

How to get it

There are two ways to get The Grid 2 Importer.  If you already have The Grid 2 installed and are connected to the internet then use Sensory Update to download it.  Otherwise, please contact us to request a CD.

Let us know how you get on

The Grid 2 Importer is new, and it is not perfect (there are quite a few differences between the programs).  We'd love to know how you get on - particularly if you find it useful, or if it doesn't work for you. Perhaps you could contact us and let us know?

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