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The Grid 2 - version 2.8 released

The Grid 2Version 2.8 of The Grid 2 includes some fantastic new features, including support for our forthcoming Grid Player App. The update is available now from Sensory Update.

(Start menu > All programs > Sensory Software > Utilities > Sensory Update).

Here are some of the great new features:

  1. Photo viewer workspace makes it easy to view a photo slideshow using ‘next’ and ‘previous’ commands. The ‘set folder command’ allows you to choose which folder of photos to view.
  2. The new ‘add to dictionary’ command means users can add names of people, places and slang words to their prediction dictionary.
  3. EasyWave environment control support added. Please contact us if you are interested in finding out more about how to implement EasyWave.
  4. The new web browser allows the reading of websites by paragraph.
  5. Grid Player support is visible but will not work until the App is released.

Download a grid with the new photo workspace from Online Grids.

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