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 Sensory Software International Ltd Sensory Software International Ltd

Grid Player coming soon

Grid Player is an exciting new product from Sensory Software that enables users of The Grid 2 to access their grids on mobile devices.

Grid Player on iPad and iPhone 

It will be available for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and the Papoo Touch communication aid and will be released in October/November once it has been approved by the Apple App store.

The App will be available for free from the Apple App store. Once the App is released, our sister company Smartbox will also be selling complete iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Papoo systems including the device, carry case, amplification and software in the  UK.

Grid Player will come with three complete grid sets – Symbol Talker A, Symbol Talker B and Text Talker.

The Papoo Touch is a dedicated handheld communication aid with a range of pre-built apps including Grid Player.

Grid Player will be released beyond the UK in 2012.

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