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The JoyBox allows you to plug several switches into a computer, providing many possibilities.


The JoyBox plugs into the USB port of your computer.  You can connect from one to twelve switches, using standard (3.5mm) switch inputs.

Multiple possibilities

For any resource centre, the JoyBox is the ultimate switch connection device. It allows 8 switches to be connected for any use, and 4 more switches can be connected for directional control.

Switch software

The JoyBox can be used with almost all switch software, including switch games and communication programs.

Mouse mover

The JoyBox can be used as a mouse mover.  Four switches (not included) control the movement of the pointer, with additional switches for click, double click, or other functions.

And more...

You can change what happens when each switch is pressed, so switches can provide special functions.  For example, you could have a switch controlling a music player's play/pause button, perhaps with another switch to change track.

Switch Driver 

Switch Driver (from Sensory Software) allows you to configure each switch independently. Switch Driver will convert switch presses into other signals, such as a keypress or a mouse click. 

Note that you do not need Switch Driver to use The Grid 2, and many other programs that work directly with the JoyBox.

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