Welcome to Sensory Software

Our family business is dedicated to creating AAC solutions (Augmentative and Alternative Communication solutions) to help disabled people communicate. We develop both hardware and software, used by thousands of people from every corner of the world.

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At Sensory Software we create AAC programs to help people with disabilities do things that everyone else takes for granted.

We don’t provide ‘out of the box’ solutions! Everyone we meet has different requirements, therefore we have designed combinations of hardware and software that can be easily setup to suit the individual.

Grid 3 - coming 2015

In 2015 Sensory Software will launch the new AAC software, Grid 3 – our biggest software release ever.

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Find the perfect platform

Our range of hardware solutions are based on the latest tablet technology. With continuous research and development, we offer up to the minute solutions.

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Look to Learn

Look to Learn is the first software of its kind. It has been designed to help people learn how to use eye gaze technology through a series of different activities.

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Online Grids

Our Online Grids website is your online resource for finding, sharing and downloading AAC resources for the Grid 2

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Grid Player for iPad, iPhone etc

Some people like to use iOS (iPad and iPhone) devices for alternative communication. We have developed an free App called Grid Player. Resources made with The Grid 2 can be transferred to your iOS device.

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Powered By The Grid 2

Our communication devices are powered by our flagship software – The Grid 2. People from every corner of the world use The Grid 2 to speak, access education and control their world.

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You can download all of our software and resources to try on any device that uses Windows.

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